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Custody – Beware if you are not married to your child’s other parent.

July 7, 2015 audreyn@numberslaw.com Child Support, Custody Tags: , , , , , , ,
It is common today for couples to live together and have children without being married.  This generally is fine so long as the couple is getting along well together.  Problems occur when the couple split up.  Often a couple will go for long periods of time after a breakup with no formal court order governing [...]

Child Custody

April 23, 2015 audreyn@numberslaw.com Custody Tags: , , ,
Most Frequently Asked Question:  What age does a child need to be to choose which parent to live with?  - The short answer to this question is age 18, when he/she becomes an adult.  Idaho Code does list the “wishes of the child” as one factor a Court should consider when determining the best interests [...]