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Protecting Separate Property

June 16, 2015 audreyn@numberslaw.com Divorce Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
In a divorce all property will be presumed to be community.  If there is a dispute about whether property is separate or community, the party who is alleging it is separate has the burden to prove it is his or his separate property.  Separate property is all property brought into a marriage by one of [...]

Child Custody

April 23, 2015 audreyn@numberslaw.com Custody Tags: , , ,
Most Frequently Asked Question:  What age does a child need to be to choose which parent to live with?  - The short answer to this question is age 18, when he/she becomes an adult.  Idaho Code does list the “wishes of the child” as one factor a Court should consider when determining the best interests [...]

Social Security Benefits Post-Divorce

April 23, 2015 audreyn@numberslaw.com Post Divorce Tags: , , , ,
After a divorce a former spouse may be able to claim under his/her former spouse’s social security benefits.  If the parties were married at least 10 years and the spouse wanting to exercise this option is 62 or older and not remarried he/she would have the option to claim under his/her former spouse’s social security.  [...]